Conference Focus

Focus Areas

10-hour module that covers the basics of Nonviolent Communication How NVC and social change can come together in my field of action: exploration and strategizing

Opportunities to reflect, to learn from others’ experiences and to create connections

Key Learning Objectives

Basic NVC

10 hour skill-building module that cover the basics of Nonviolent Communication

Inner Structures of Peace

Self-care, mourning, and healing anger and pain

Strengthening your power as a social changemaker

Preventing burnout: Tapping into sustainable sources of inner energy

Conflict and Systems

What’s going on?: Understanding conflict

Transforming conflict: Mediation and restorative justice

Connecting across systemic and ideological divides

Contributing to Nonviolent Social Change

Setting boundaries and speaking up: What is nonviolent resistance?

Recognising systems and exploring leverage points for change

Making and advocating for change without recreating old patterns of violence