Conference Structure

Daily Themes

The Living Bridges Conference+ will be led by Duke Duchscherer and Jeannine Suurmond, along with L’aura Joy, Sudha Shankar, and Ranjitha Jeurkar (CNVC Certified Trainers).

Each day will have a theme of based on different aspects of Social Change (see left): Connecting; Understanding, Envisioning; Strategizing; and Taking Action.

Morning and early afternoon sessions will focus on NVC Basics, reflecting learning on the theme of the day and exploring NVC modules b

Afternoon sessions will consist of Working Group sessions based on topic groupings.

This structure aims at enabling participants to take general NVC processes and practices and apply them in specific areas of Social Change.


Working Groups

Working Groups will bring the skills shared in the morning session to issues within key areas of social and political change and activist work.

Working Groups* will be led by NVC trainers together with social change activists and focus on practical exercises related to the theme of the day.


*List of working groups to be updated based on the professional and focus areas of the participants attending the conference.