The Problem

Like many of us lately, have you been…

  • Struggling to make an impact in your field and getting held up by conflict or negative communication patterns within your team or with the community…?
  • Experiencing in the face of systemic violence and problems, such as sexual violence, environmental disasters, and discrimination…?
  • Becoming passive, burning out, and feeling helpless when confronted with institutional and interpersonal forms of violence…?
  • Unfriending people on social media platforms, and losing connections because of political differences and conflict…?

Solutions That Last

With the Living Bridges Conference+, we hope to contribute the following solutions:

  • Bring practical and radical form of compassion into our practices as a sustainable alternative to systems of hierarchy and dominance that destroys human rights, liberties, and creativity
  • Shift beyond non-participation and passive resistance, to active communication across boundaries of political and religious beliefs
  • Explore peace as more than the absence of conflict; peace as a state of being, as a way of life, that is connecting, inclusive, dynamic, and flowing.
  • Address systemic problems at institutional and interpersonal levels without losing connection with people
  • Network with people from a diverse background to actively create and contribute to solutions to systemic problems that are in keeping with values of compassion and nonviolence

Key Takeaways

As this conference aims to bring together a diverse group of people, we also hope to offer specific takeaways to support your work in practical ways.

Participant Group
Specific Takeaways
Professional Activists and Social Sector Professionals


  • Address feelings of exhaustion and frustration you may experience while you attempt to address problems of a large magnitude
  • Learn to more effectively deal with communication challenges you face in interaction with prominent stakeholders
  • Contribute actively and effectively to the solution without recreating old patterns of systemic violence
Corporate Foundations and CSR Professionals


  • Connect with community members with greater depth for maximum efficiency
  • Learn key skills for finding win-win solutions that work for everybody
  • Maximize your organization’s benefit to the community

NVC practitioners and professionals


  • Become inspired to contribute to Nonviolent Political and Social Change
  • Learn more about the systems you can work with and strategies to impact them
  • Develop skills to translate your NVC practice into practical social change
Interested individuals


  • Learn the basics of NVC
  • Deepen your understanding of what motivates your actions and those of others
  • Gain ideas of how to contribute to changes you would like to see in your lives and communities