The Living Bridges project is inspired by the idea that inner healing and social change are two ends of the same continuum. Inner strength supports outward efforts towards the creation of a world that is more in line with our vision and values.

This conference aims to bring together professional social and political activists and people practicing NVC. At the heart of it, both NVC and social change have the same core purpose: to transform people and systems — institutions, practices, policies, and beliefs — into a reality where everyone’s needs are held peacefully and with care.

We believe that we are stronger together.

In bringing together changemaking communities from a diverse background, we hope to build lively, thriving, “living” bridges between them. We intend to focus on, and draw connections – build bridges – between different areas, such as:

  • inner healing working,
  • forward movement/practical engagement
  • interpersonal growth dimensions of social changemaking

Fortifying connections between these inner and outer worlds, we hope, will help create lasting infrastructures of peace.