Living Bridges

Purpose of Living Bridges

We invite you to join us as we take steps towards a future where everyone’s needs matter!


Envisioned as an active learning space, this conference is offered with the intention of “building bridges” across Changemakers — such as social and political activists, NGO professionals, corporation foundations and CSR projects, and individuals interested in working towards active changemaking — and Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

The Living Bridges project is inspired by the idea that inner healing and social and political change are two ends of the same continuum. Inner strength supports outward efforts towards the creation of a world that is more in line with our vision and values. And, external engagement can nourish personal inspiration and meaning in turn.

We believe that the core purpose of NVC and social change is the same: To support people and systems — institutions, practices, policies, behaviors, and beliefs – in creating realities where everyone’s needs are held with care, and in peace.

With the conference in October, we hope to address questions of what we can do, as individuals within organisations, and independently, to

  • Bring practical and radical form of compassion into our practices as a sustainable alternative to systems of hierarchy and dominance that destroys human rights, liberties, and creativity
  • Shift beyond non-participation and passive resistance, to active communication across boundaries of political and religious beliefs
  • Explore peace as more than the absence of conflict; peace as a state of being, as a way of life, that is connecting, inclusive, dynamic, and flowing.
  • Address systemic problems at institutional and interpersonal levels without losing connection with people
  • Network with people from a diverse background to actively create and contribute to solutions to systemic problems that are in keeping with values of compassion and nonviolence