While what we hope to offer and receive at this conference is more than transactional, we have estimated the value of this programme to be Rs. 30,000/- per person.

At the same time, because we want to ensure that this work reaches people from diverse backgrounds, we are offering this programme on Differential Pricing.

Why Differential Pricing?

The core purpose of the Living Bridges project is to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to work together towards creating doable strategies for change. Diverse backgrounds also come with diverse financial capacities. We would like to ensure that this conference is accessible to those who can benefit from it, those from whose presence we can learn, and to anyone looking for a way to make an impact.

Keeping in mind these parameters we are offering seats at this conference at differential prices. If you would like to understand this more, or talk about it, please get in touch with us.

Participant Group Fees*
Corporate Participants, including Corporate Foundations and CSR Rs. 50,000/-
NGO & Social Sector Participants International NGOs: Rs. 50,000/-

National NGOs: Rs. 40,000/-

Regional NGOs: Rs. 30,000/-

Local NGOs: Rs. 25,000/-

Individuals and NVC Practitioners and Professionals (Self sponsored) Rs. 26,000/-

*Costs are all per head.

All contributions cover:

  • Accommodation, food, and water, at the Ecumenical Christian Centre in Whitefield, Bangalore for the duration of the conference
  • Training and organising fees
  • Logistics costs including travel, training material, venue charges