Sudha Shankar

Sudha Shankar | Training Team

Sudha Shankar has been working in the areas of communication and healing; she has experience in teaching in schools; has been an editor in national and international publishing houses; practises hypnotherapy and uses energy healing methods, to help bring about wholeness and wellness.

Straddling both these worlds—communication and healing—is Nonviolent Communication (NVC). She is a Certified Trainer in NVC with the Center for Nonviolent Communication and her passion is to share NVC and attempt to live the consciousness from moment to moment. She is convinced that this compassionate approach to connecting with oneself and interacting with the outside world, is also a process that can bring about deep healing, awareness, understanding and change. She uses NVC in her clinical work, NGOs, schools and universities. She has conducted NVC trainings in several cities in India; as well as in Dhaka, Bangladesh; and Kathmandu and Biratnagar in Nepal.

Sudha hosts the long running NVC Practice Group in New Delhi.

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